Shoreline Restorations of Ponds, Lakes, and Beaches

Erosion control in Florida is a legitimate and vital concern that continues to be one of our highest priorities. Beaches and shorelines are the most valuable asset of waterfront property and our role in erosion prevention and restoration is paramount to protecting these natural features…and amenities.

A Non-invasive, Cost-effective Solution

Our experienced staff and installers will determine the most environmentally appropriate and cost-effective solution to your shoreline erosion problems. Sometimes a combination of dredging and bank stabilization is neccessary to correct and prevent further erosion. Often, a non-invasive, cost-effective installation of our Geo-Tube system can restore your shoreline.

We install GEO-Tubes around the perimeter of the ponds or lakes, or in areas identified for erosion restoration. The geo-tube is installed and secured along the eroded edge of the lake or pond using eco-stakes or rebar. Utilizing industry leading equipment, divers use submersible pumps to fill the tube full of sand until the desired shape and contour of the slope is achieved. All this is done using on-site materials and access from the water, which minimizes site disturbance to adjacent property. In addition there is no need for heavy equipment to construct conventional breakwalls. Once installed, the slope can be vegetated to restore the natural habitat. Learn more about the Geo-Tube and our installation process here. Or visit our gallery to view completed projects.

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