Dredging, Pipe Inspections and Culvert Cleaning

Divers specially equipped with suction hoses and submersible pumps dredge marinas and canals. Erosion Barrier Installations consults with every owner on where to discharge the material resulting from dredging. Many times dredging operations are coupled with bank stabilization efforts which provides an environmental solution that makes economic sense.

In one such public parks project, the swallow area was first dredged out to make the water deeper for boat-traffic. The dredged material was contained and reused in Geo-tubes on the perimiter of the launch area to protect the embankments as well.

City Canal Dredging has been used to improve the storm-water quality and canal embankments by recycling the water and material through the Geo-tubes and containing the silt and sand.

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Marine and Canal Dredging around boat dock
Dredging to make water deeper

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