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How long does it take to fill the Erosion Barrier Bag (Tube)?

Normally, a minimum of 100-150 feet of bag can be filled in one day. However, available material in lake, pond, canal or body of water can effect the time it takes to fill the tubes.

How big is the Erosion Barrier Bag?

In most applications we use a 7.5 ft. circumference tube, 12.5 ft. circumference tube, or we can customize any desired size (if applicable).

Can lost embankment or shoreline be gained back?

Most certainly. We can restore all the eroded area in length, width and height, and create any desired slope.

How long does it take the sod to root into the Erosion Barrier Bags?

Approximately 2 weeks for sod to root into the bags.

Will the Erosion Barrier Bag act as a filter system?

The installed erosion bag (tube) will filter all rainwater or irrigation run off from any chemicals or fertilizer keeping your water bodies clean and environmentally friendly.

How long does the Erosion Barrier Bag last?

We warranty the bag for 20 years, provided that it is properly laid with sod or planted with other vegetation. A copy of our warranty will be issued at your request.

What is the typical duration of the erosion barrier installation/construction phase?

Depending on material availability and the linear feet of installation we can install between (±) 250 – 800 linear feet per day. With optimal conditions and materials, the average duration of erosion barrier installation is approximately 400 linear feet/day.


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