Geo-Tube Installations on Golf Courses, Canals and Waterway Properties

Restore and protect your valuable land and shorelines with our Geo-Tube installations. Our versatile and unique product, the Geo-Tube, can be used on golf courses, canals, waterway properties, ponds, lakes, and more. Particularly useful on golf courses, we can create any desired slope around your waterways and water hazards. The Geo-Tube can also be installed around ponds, lakes and along canals to create a natural slope that protects against storm water runoff, wave action and other causes of erosion.

Waterways and canals are especially prone to bank erosion because of their steep slopes. Bank stabilization is especially important to municipalities in keeping the stormwater channels at optimum capacity therefore minimizing costly maintenance. Erosion Barrier Installations was employed by the City of Margate to stabilize 32,000 linear feet of canal within a defined two month period. Our experience and advanced equipment were key factors in the successful of this project.

Erosion is an on-going problem, which is why we use the Geo-Tube system to not only restore the shoreline, but also protect it for years to come.

The Geo-Tube

We have developed a patented 3-in-1 Woven Geo-Textile Tube System. Filter-weave Geo-Textiles are constructed with woven fabrics of monofilament and multifilament yarn, which are highly tolerant of UV radiation and aid in the product’s longevity. Filter-weave GEO-Textiles are manufactured using a highly specialized process yielding unique physical and hydraulic properties unmatched by standard GEO-textiles, woven or non-woven. Geo-Textiles provide superior strength and durability; consistent, measurable pore sizes; and a high percent of open area, which deter clogging simultaneously allowing high flow-rates.


Our approach to addressing the realities of erosion is effective because we minimize complexity. We install erosion barriers utilizing an innovative geo-tube system. Using a pump, the geo-tube is filled with sand material collected from the site. Once it reaches capacity, the geo-tube provides a durable ballast, which stabilizes the shoreline from future sedimentation erosion. Additional tubes may be filled and massed upon one another until the entire bank is stabilized and secure. Because our system is flexible, it easily forms to the contours of the land, eliminating the invasive procedures required for installing breakwalls, retaining walls or unsightly rip-rap aprons. Once the system is installed, bank stabilization becomes critical to prevent further erosion run-off. Immediately following, the slope is sodded or planted, restoring it to its desired habitat. Once vegetation has reestablished, the eroded slope returns to its natural aesthetic resilience.

The finished product we install offers a natural, landscaped appearance compared to many traditional erosion prevention structures such as seawalls, retaining walls and rip rap. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the geo-tube also has environmental benefits such as keeping irrigation and rain water run-off free from fertilizers, silt erosion and naturally occurring chemicals and contaminants.

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Geotube Installations on Golf Courses
Geotube used to correct Pond Erosion
Geotube used to create desired water hazard slope
Geotube used fro bank stabilization
Durable Geo tube withstands wave action

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