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            – your coastal shorelines, beaches, lakes, ponds, canals and waterways

This Geo-Tube installation serves to protect the property from further erosion as well as restore the land taken away by erosion.

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Erosion Barrier Installations provides alternative erosion prevention and restoration services along shorelines and waterways throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States. We have dedicated our time and resources to innovatively overcome the existing erosion challenges that continue to harm the environment. This environmental sensitive approach to shoreline erosion control and prevention ensures that our erosion barrier installations protect your most valued asset; your land, while also improving water quality in lakes, ponds, and canals.

At Erosion Barrier Installations, it is our extensive knowledge in erosion prevention, erosion restoration, and erosion control that allows us to develop site-specific solutions for erosion repair and land sustainability. We understand the erosion process and the key factors that contribute to erosion, which enables us to develop cost efficient solutions to repair and restore your land.


Erosion is typically caused by the action of water, wind or tidal activity, but when mans’ activities alter the landscape; the erosion process is often accelerated, causing serious and costly problems both on and off-site. As erosion experts, we recognize erosion is an inevitable occurrence and take the initiative to offer our assistance, erosion control tactics and restoration solutions to our valued clients.

The Geotube

Our product, the Geotube, is environmentally friendly and manufactured locally, within the State of Florida. Composed of a high strength filter weave fabric, the Geotube is a durable and lasting erosion prevention device with unique physical and hydraulic properties that satisfy high flow rates, prohibit clogging and eliminate damage from tilapia fish. Once installed, the geo-tube will improve water quality by filtering irrigation and stormwater run-off, eliminating fertilizers, chemicals, sediments, and contaminants.

Our Promise To You

We have adopted a personal approach to our business practice and stand behind our product and installation. We meet with each potential client to discuss your needs and provide you with a fair, honest and no obligation quote.

Erosion Barrier Installation is Florida’s leading erosion prevention and barrier installation service provider and we invite you to learn more about us!

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Sample geotube installation

Before, during and after

Geotube Installation - Erosion Barrier
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